Member Mondays: Charlotte Forstall

How long have you been in Monroe County?


Five years! I moved here when I started my PhD.

What is your involvement with NOW, and why did you get involved?

After the election (I feel like we are going to see this phrase a lot) I felt overwhelmed by the number of issues that needed attention. Besides donating to various organizations, I needed to DO something. After exploring NOW’s six issues, this felt like the best place to direct my energy effectively because it covers so many key issues!

How do you define “feminism”?

Feminism means equality – for everyone, no qualifiers. I see feminism as the key to protecting the most vulnerable members of our society of all races, classes, religions, orientations, and ethnicities.

Of NOW’s six priority issues, where are you most channeling your energy?

Honestly, it’s a hard call for me to pick. They’re all so important and they are all interconnected – I would say at this point Racial Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Reproductive Rights.

When you aren’t working towards social change, what do you do for fun in your life?

I love to read, quilt, and cuddle with my kitties. I love art and history, travel, warm beverages, and enjoying the simple things in life like a good book on a rainy day.