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Monroe County NOW shares challenges and triumphs on our priority issues through the Communications Committee, which oversees social media, news releases and blogs, and event coverage, and fosters collaboration among our members and with community, state, and national allies. Are you a writer? Programmer? Photographer/videographer? Designer? Social media lover? If you want to help out at specific events or even join the committee, we’d love to hear from you. 


In order to fulfill our multi-issue mission, Monroe County NOW is raising funds to help support intersectional feminism in our community, in our state, and beyond. Ultimately, we seek to create a future in which our daughters and granddaughters have the freedom to make choices about their reproductive rights, equal representation in government, true economic security, physical safety, and a culture that promotes healthy self-images for women.

Legislative Action

When our local, state, and national politicians propose legislation, we take action — through letters, faxes, calls, and demonstrations. How Does Monroe County NOW Plan To Take Action?

  • Educating the public and media about the status of and threats to women's rights

  • Organizing rallies, protests, demonstrations and marches of all sizes

  • Protesting businesses that mistreat women and people of color

  • Lobbying for and writing laws that promote full equality for women

  • Supporting and electing feminist candidates at all levels of government

  • Working in coalition with progressive allies

LGBTQ+ Rights

The LQBTQ+ Rights Committee is an active partner with the local area LGBTQ+ community to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It is the hope of this committee to engage with all members of the LGBTQ+ community, not just those that identify with NOW’s primary audience. Committee members of all orientations and genders welcome!


The Membership/Outreach Committee’s goal is to increase the visibility of Monroe County NOW and to engage our strong community leaders! Further, the Committee will act as liaisons between the Leadership Council and NOW membership, and will seek to create new programs and activities tailored to our members. 

Racial Justice

The Racial Justice Committee exists to tackle issues related to ethnic and racial disparity and discrimination in our current society. Touching on areas of intersectional feminism, criminal justice reform, and cultural awareness, the committee implements initiatives to make Monroe County and regional communities welcoming to people of all races.

Reproductive Justice

The Reproductive Justice Committee promotes and maintains an active liberal voice as we educate ourselves and the community about the truth of reproductive justice. By connecting with community partners (politically based, health care based, and faith based), we will advocate for justice for all men, women, and non-binary members of our society.