4 Reasons You Should Join Monroe County NOW

It’s July! Aside from being a month that strikes fear in the hearts of dogs everywhere, it is also Monroe County NOW’s “Join in July” celebration month. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re interested in feminism and politics – and who can blame you? We think it’s pretty darned exciting. You may not have taken the membership leap just yet, so let me encourage you with the following reasons why you should join Monroe County NOW.

Reason No. 1: 45

When I say 45, I’m not talking about little records that contain hit singles. Nope – I’m talking about a certain orange-hued man that is currently sitting in the White House. A man who refers to the French Prime Minister’s wife as “in great shape” when meeting her officially. A man whose party doesn’t give one iota about women’s healthcare, women’s rights, or the myriad of other issues that directly impact our lives as women. We have to remind 45 that yes, we’re still here. And yes – we are paying attention. Monroe County NOW is filled with people who have come together from all walks of life to oppose this man and his administration and to keep the fight going for equal rights for women under the law.

Reason No. 2: You’ll Be in Good Company

Coming together and working with others just feels good. It's easy to feel powerless when you see all that is going on in the world around you. Getting together at our monthly chapter meetings and feeling as if you’re a part of something that is truly making a difference in your community and your country is a great sensation. Plus, we’re all pretty cool – you’ll make new friends!

Reason No. 3: There Are Lots of Ways to Be Involved

You can be involved as much or as little as you want! In fact, part of the reason that we’re having a member drive in July is so new members may vote in our upcoming elections this fall. Once you join you can get involved in one of our subcommittees created to address the central issues NOW, which are:

  • Reproductive Rights and Justice
  • Ending Violence Against Women
  • Economic Justice
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Racial Justice
  • Constitutional Equality Amendment

If joining a committee isn’t your style, then simply join Monroe County NOW to offer financial support. Membership dues help us to continue to fighting for women’s rights on the local as well as the national scale.

Reason No. 4: Stand Up for What You Believe In

How many times have you been told in the past 6 months, “Women don’t have anything to march about anymore.” That’s been said to me more times than I can count – so often, in fact, that I have managed to keep my jaw from dropping open and making a noise akin to a surprised Scooby Doo the last dozen or so times that has been said. One of the best parts about being involved with Monroe County NOW is that it helps you to have your voice heard and to declare loud and proud that which you know to be right. If people who truly believe women have nothing to march for are never challenged, then they’ll walk away with the belief that nothing about the world needs changing. People need to know that we still have far to go before NOW’s central issues are resolved.

At the end of the day, Monroe County NOW is made up of people who believe that no matter how bad things may seem there is always hope that they will get better. And we’re working for that – doesn’t that sound like something you want to be a part of?