Go Away, Kevin Spacey

A lot has been happening around Hollywood lately. Allegations of sexual harassment and rape have been levied by literally hundreds of women against very powerful Hollywood men. While I’m sorry for what these individuals have had to endure, I am happy that this exposure has forced a long-overdue national conversation about sexual harassment, systemic misogyny, and rape culture as well as a discussion of how the way we view women is shaped by the very men who abuse them.

And then there was the news about Kevin Spacey.

Anthony Rapp (of Rent fame) bravely stepped forward and told his story about unwanted sexual advances toward him by Kevin Spacey when he was just 14. While shocking and sad, that’s not the worst part of this story. The worst part is Kevin Spacey’s response to the allegation. Just for the record? On behalf of the entire LGBTQ+ community, I’d like to tell him to piss off, because what he did to try and dig himself out of his rapey hole was to come out of the closet.

No. Just ... no.

Many people I love and care about are part of the LGBTQ+ community. I am their ally. For their sakes, I’m going to call Kevin Spacey out on this one because for many, coming out is a painful, scary, exhilarating thing. It’s about being true to yourself in front of a world that may not embrace you. It’s why PRIDE exists—not because people are gay or queer or bi or trans but because they have the strength to come out and declare it.

Kevin Spacey spent his entire career denying or avoiding the topic of his sexuality. He has never stated his truth. And while I suppose it is his right to do so, to come out as a tactic to distract from serious allegations of sexual abuse is not okay. It’s not as if homosexuality needs more help being misunderstood and conflated with pedophilia in our society. Hell to the no.

Kevin Spacey should be ashamed of himself. Not just for the actions he took more than 30 years ago toward a teenage boy, but also for trying to hide behind a rainbow flag that he has spent so many years rejecting. He can go away now, for good. And let’s all hope Anthony Rapp gets the justice he deserves.